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Chicken Snake- Lucky Hand LP ~EX CHROME CRANKS / BOSS HOG! - Beast - Dead Beat Records

Chicken Snake- Lucky Hand LP ~EX CHROME CRANKS / BOSS HOG!

$ 12.49

Chicken Snake- Lucky Hand LP. Chicken Snake was founded in the Spring of 2009 by legendary musician, producer, engineer Jerry Teel (Honeymoon Killers, Boss Hog, The Chrome Cranks, Knoxville Girls, Little Porkchop, Jerry Teel & The Big City Stompers) and his equally talented song writing partner/Wife Pauline Owens- Teel ( Jerry Teel & The Big City Stompers). Upon emerging from the banks of the muddy Mississippi, The Teels returned to NYC with many tales to tell. Each song reflects a page in their history. Stories of true life, love, heartache, murder, and poison. The Teels have joined forces with Mr. Josh Lee Hooker (Headless Hookers), Mr. Jack Martin (Knoxville Girls, Little Porkchop, Pink Moneybirds, Dimestore Dance Band, Cause For Applause), Nicholas Ray (68 Comeback, VivaL'AmericanDeathRayMusic, April March, Hundred Eyes, Limes, Golden Triangle) and Danny Hole (Smallstone, Warlocks, Nikki Sudden, Kid Congo & the Pink Monkeybirds, Silver Rockets) to record their debut record with deep winding roots in the South, ragged branches in the NYC gutters, firmly planted in the blues, and the filthy, tainted soul of whisky and sin.  THIS LP IS LIMITED TO ONLY 500 COPIES.

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