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Chicken Snake- Unholy Rollers LP ~EX BOSS HOG! - Beast - Dead Beat Records

Chicken Snake- Unholy Rollers LP ~EX BOSS HOG!

$ 13.99

Chicken Snake- Unholy Rollers LP.  The pedigree of the members of Chicken Snake is staggering. Jerry Teel has kicked major ass for years in bands like The Chrome Cranks, Honeymoon Killers, Knoxville Girls, Boss Hog and Big City Stompers. Pauline was also in Big City Stompers, The Limes and Golden Triange and Josh Lee Hooker played guitar with the Headless Hookers and Luxurious Faux Furs. That’s a pretty insane pedigree, considering the musical mark that all of those bands have made. And like their former bands, Chicken Snake definately leave a mark. Musically they fall somewhere between Honeymoon Killers and Knoxville Girls, playing very swampy Blues amped Rock N Roll exploding with a full-frontal, sonic rhythm section that hits hard.


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