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Cacaw- S/T LP - PERMANENT - Dead Beat Records

Cacaw- S/T LP

$ 11.99

Cacaw- S/T LP.  If you dug the brutal noise rock sounds crammed onto the one side of the debut Cacaw EP, you're gonna flip over their brand new LP. It's heavier, louder, and longer. That's right, two full sides of Cacaw's signature noise rock brutality. A big selling point for the first record was the fact that two of the Coughs are in Cacaw.  However, Cacaw have since garnered their own audience and the Coughs reference seems barely worth mentioning any longer. For those of you who haven't heard them yet, Cacaw takes the Coughs sound and distills it down to a more minimal yet no less intense brand of really fucking groovy noise rock.  Really good stuff here and LIMITED TO 500 COPIES WITH HAND SCREENED COVERS!!?

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