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CAPACITIES- The Unexamined Life LP - Protagonist Music - Dead Beat Records

CAPACITIES- The Unexamined Life LP

$ 11.49

CAPACITIES- The Unexamined Life LP. It’s been a long time since I’ve been terrified by music. I think of listening to Sticks and Stones when I was still in high school and being scared to death by... well, you know. I literally had to make sure no one was in my house. Anyways, Capacities’ LP The Unexamined Life has managed to tap into a bit of that psyche through a collection of mostly short, mostly sweet musical blitzes that mix downer melodies with a chaotic sense of realization that you might not truly be in control of what is going on around you. Ex Black Kites, Less Life, Birth Screams, The Assistant, This Ship Will Sink, In First Person, You And I, and of course, The Saddest Landscape. I can't begin to describe how good this album is. Highly recommended!

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