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CHRISTMAS ISLAND/Le Jonathan Reilly- Split 7" - Shit In Can - Dead Beat Records

CHRISTMAS ISLAND/Le Jonathan Reilly- Split 7"

$ 7.00

CHRISTMAS ISLAND/Le Jonathan Reilly- Split 7". The San Diego quartet called Christmas Island provide another interesting specimen for study, their tin-cans-with-strings lo-fi production making "Morning Sunshine" sound like a remnant of Southern Hemisphere indie rockers the Clean and their early-1980s New Zealand peers. That the production sounds vintage is doubly appropriate, since the track is a cover of a song by Jeff Lynne's pre-ELO band the Idle Race. "Seems like the world's late/ 'Cause I can't wait/ For sunshine in the morning," guitarist/vocalist Brian Carver observes. Christmas Island's guitars are grittier than on the Idle Race version, and Carver's slack indie-dude vocals replacing Lynne's Lennon-esque ones, but they're still backed by Beach Boys oohs and heavy-footed Maureen Tucker-style drumming.  Was LIMITED TO 300 COPIES!! 

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