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Canadian Rifle- Deep Ends LP ~PEGBOY! - Dirt Cult - Dead Beat Records

Canadian Rifle- Deep Ends LP ~PEGBOY!

$ 11.99

Canadian Rifle- Deep Ends LP.  For a band that’s literally been flying the “No Dreams, No Goals” banner for about eight years now, these guys sure have made a lot of music. Deep Ends keeps with the melodic, Midwest Punk that they’re known for. This is music that’s less for the ‘shirts off, dudes on’ crowd and more for the ‘loner glowering in the back of the bar, leave me the fuck alone’ set. This is the second LP from Canadian Rifle who are arguably Chicago’s best melodic Punk band and play confessional punk with brash vocals reminiscent of bands like Leatherface, Pegboy and Husker Du.

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