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The Busymen- Distort All Levels CD - Turkeyneck - Dead Beat Records

The Busymen- Distort All Levels CD

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The Busymen- Distort All Levels CD. Debut Album from Brisbane Australia's formost proto punk combo the Busymen. Distort opens with a groovy, psych-tinged burner so you may not be ready for the rest which by comparison comes across as truely unhinged. At their most out-there, The Busymen sound like DMZ after Monoman had mistakenly consumed their entire backstage rider with a chaser of three sheets of blotter acid. Over the years the Busymen have developed a tough and tight garage sound accentuated by Smith’s primitive growling vocals and Worrall’s array of effects pedals which he uses to enhance their sound. If you’re into stuff like DMZ, Chesterfield Kings, Coloured Balls or The Cramps, then you'll be diggin' this mid-paced garage rager.
The Busymen- Distort All Levels CD

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