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Burnt Cross – Brian Haw 7” LIMITED TO 215 - Loud Punk - Dead Beat Records

Burnt Cross – Brian Haw 7” LIMITED TO 215

$ 6.49

Burnt Cross – Brian Haw 7”.  3rd 7" by this British anarcho punk band.  These guys have a slew of releases out, but this is by and far their best. While a lot of modern anarcho bands concentrate on the tribal / experimental edge of bands like Crass and Flux of Pink Indians, Burnt Cross stand out by crafting catchier and more memorable music. They seem to me to be more inspired by the Subhumans' music, though the politics are more confrontational and Crass-like. If you've been putting off checking these guys out, this 7" is probably the best place to start.  7” LIMITED TO ONLY 215 COPIES!!!

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