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Buck Gooter-  The Spider's Eyes LP ~UNSANE! - Sophmore Lounge - Dead Beat Records

Buck Gooter- The Spider's Eyes LP ~UNSANE!

$ 11.99

Buck Gooter- The Spider's Eyes LP.  The brutal heavy starkness of Buck Gooter’s music is what brings the maximum brutality of ‘The Spider's Eyes’ to life. It’s rooted in brutal blues heavy riffs played hard as fuck and with a beast for a drummer that must be using scraps of sheet metal for drum sticks to bang out scathing sound scapes of awesomenes. Seriously it sounds like Buck Gooter have strapped sheets of urban post modernist metal to their bodies and weaponized themselves with their instrument. The music that comes forth is a smarter and more capable predator than what the band has previously produced. The riff on The Spider’s Eyes are machine stamped, relentless and pounded into your ear drums like no other band can do. An epic ten songs on this LP by long-running Harrisonburg, Virginia Noise Rock duo Buck Gooter. Fans of Amphetamine Reptile stuff like The Jesus Lizard, Helmet, Hammerhead and Unsane will dig this. Heavy shit. RECOMMENDED!

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