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Brutal Knights- Feast Of Shame LP ~KILLER! - Ptrash - Dead Beat Records

Brutal Knights- Feast Of Shame LP ~KILLER!

$ 12.99

Brutal Knights- Feast Of Shame LP. Along with anyone lucky enough to have seen this band live, I’ve been praising BK’s greatness ever since I heard that Nick Flanagan (Teen Crud Combo) and the Sharon brothers (Hacksaw) were talking about starting a new band. If you don’t already know, Toronto has been responsible for some of the best current punk bands going (Career Suicide and Terminal State) and now Brutal Knights checking in with nothing short of a corker .Feast of Shame features BRUTAL KNIGHTS at their best playing faster, rawer and dumber than before with top notch production to boot! It was mixed and mastered by Jay Reatard, so you know it sounds tough. Top notch ripper from Toronto right here.

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