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Braver- Stay Busy LP ~LTD TO 325 ON GREEN WAX! - Lost Cat - Dead Beat Records

Braver- Stay Busy LP ~LTD TO 325 ON GREEN WAX!

$ 11.49

Braver- Stay Busy LP.  Braver are a three piece band from Minneapolis and lit their torch off the Pop Punk flame. Their sound is fast, very clean and uncomplicated; think Green Day Kerplunk era. The vocals are nasally, but never border on annoying unlike some other Pop Punk bands out there. My first thought was to draw a comparison to Billy Joe Armstrong, especially when it comes to intonation. The bass lines also reflect an early Green Day, once again from a better time. Each track on Stay Busy is able to retain a distinctive sound from each other. However, the songs hold a comfortable air of audible familiarity that draws the audience close, making the album easy to listen to as a whole. Stay Busy is one of those albums that gets better and better with every single listen. It’s a well-constructed Pop Punk record and a clear success as a first album. RECCOMENDED! LP LIMITED TO 325 COPIES ON GREEN WAX!

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