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Brandy Row- Hold No Shame 10” ~W/ GIANT POSTER! - NO FRONT TEETH - Dead Beat Records

Brandy Row- Hold No Shame 10” ~W/ GIANT POSTER!

$ 12.99
Brandy Row- Hold No Shame 10”.  Stick thin, liberally inked and mop topped like a young Ronnie Wood, riff ‘n roll troubadour Brandy Row is back with another tasty slice of wax. What strikes me the most about Brandy Row is the quality and variety of his song writing. ‘Martial Law’ has a touch of Johnny Thunders ala ‘Can’t Seem To Make You Mine’, but it’s no slavish copy. He adds his own touch and flavour to the track. The horn section is particularly fine, as is the piano outro. ‘Consolidated’ is what I hope the next Adam Ant album sounds like. Hefty drums, a twanging guitar and a whoop to the vocals. This is the most impressive song on the 10”. A masterful pop tune, initially stripped back, then throwing all kinds of cool layered instruments into the mix. He sounds proud and defiant, like a pop star should. The title track ‘Hold No Shame’ wouldn’t be out of place on the radio; a campfire lament in the vein of Dylan/Ian Hunter. “A price on my head, cause I hold no shame”. A beautiful slice of acoustica. These are all strong songs, and this 10” is a timely introduction to an artist who deserves wider recognition. If you’re a fan of Brandy’s earlier work, this record is even better. 10” comes with a giant pull out Brandy Row poster on one side and a lyrics sheet on the other.

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