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Brainbombs- Disposal Of A Dead Body 2xLP ~KILLER! - Skrammel - Dead Beat Records

Brainbombs- Disposal Of A Dead Body 2xLP ~KILLER!

$ 20.49

Brainbombs- Disposal Of A Dead Body 2xLP.  One of my favorite bands ever. BRAINBOMBS have been infamous not only for their abrasive music but their extremely explicit lyrics, depicting rape, torture and murder among other demented things. Despite only being able to produce very limited releases, Brainbombs have been continuously active since their formation in 1986 and continue to amaze their small but dedicated fan base that can’t get enought of their unruly noise. This new LP is an awesome collection of unreleased material recorded between 2006 and 2009 from this cult Swedish band and is a nice look inside the fucked up mind of BRAINBOMBS! 800 PRESSED ON BLACK VINYL! GET EM WHILE YOU CAN!

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