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Brain F- So Dim 7" - Grave Mistake - Dead Beat Records

Brain F- So Dim 7"

$ 5.49

Brain F- So Dim 7".  BRAIN F’s new one is a double A-sided banger.  “So Dim” is a nice mid-paced rager, sounding thick and full without becoming overblown, and it comes with a pretty cool little hook and enjoyably snotty vocals. The image of flannel and the “brain” in the name conjure images of Brain Handle if they were raised on Dangerhouse bootlegs and convenience store food. “Symptom Set” has a similar energyl  It’s as if Brain F adopted the fuzzy, noisy-laced recording of Times New Viking and their ilk and applied it to brooding hardcore punk. If they forgot to write songs, it’d be awful; but Brain F put together two amazing tracks and it shows.  7” LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!

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