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Borracho- Mob Gathering 7" ~150 PRESSED/#'D! - Ghost Highway - Dead Beat Records

Borracho- Mob Gathering 7" ~150 PRESSED/#'D!

$ 6.99

Borracho- Mob Gathering 7".  I’m convinced that this band can do no wrong. Borracho is working on their followup to Splitting Sky. In the meantime, they’re giving us ravage hungry fans a little something something to hold us over until that day eventually comes. When the needle hit the vinyl, Bam!, that familiar Borracho tone kicked in. “Mob Gathering” has the band’s signature sound right from the get go. It’s not so doomy, just really heavy hard rock with some awesome guitar licks and a hint of heavy metal. “Short Ride (When It’s Over)” picks up the tempo a bit but is still heavy as fuck. FU MANCHU/GENEROUS MARIA fans will dig. VERY RARE SINGLE HERE AS IT IS HAND NUMBERED OUT OF 150 COPIES!

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