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Born Liars- Ragged Island LP ~LIMITED TO 520 COPIES - Cutthroat - Dead Beat Records

Born Liars- Ragged Island LP ~LIMITED TO 520 COPIES

$ 11.49

Born Liars- Ragged Island LP. If 'punk rock' and 'rock & roll' are synonymous in your book, pick up this second  full-length by Texas rawkers The Born Liars. Unconcerned with anyone's preocupation with the past, the songs on "Ragged Island" plunge headfirst into the mucky rock coast without concern for their safety, or yours. Never an homage, these are original rock & roll tunes played with the same virility and volume as the best punk and roll bands of yore. The Real Kids, The Lyres, even a little 'Down By The Jetties' can be heard here. The new amphetamine sulfate music, if you will. Only a band this bold-faced could get away with the freshly-wounded ballad "How It Gets At Night" or the bright-eyed but nervy pop of "Cool Your Jets" without looking like pansies. To the contrary, after the first listen, I was ready to trade in my patent pumps for a raggedy denim jacket and black leather ankle boots. Take me boys, I'm yours.  LP LIMITED TO 520 COPIES!!!

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