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The Alrightees- S/T 7" ~HUNCHES!

The Alrightees- S/T 7" ~HUNCHES!

$ 5.49

The Alrightees- S/T 7". Crazy panda skull raining blood cover art on this thing really sets the tone for the audio insanity contained within. It’s got some decent chugging post-Oblivians garage-noise recorded by one of the guys in The Horrors. If you remember the old In The Red band The Horrors, that’s a decent starting point as some of the songs sound closer to what that band sounded like on the "Vent" LP. I also hear a little bit of the Hunches manic guitar fury in a few of the songs as well.The single was recorded live and has a good and trashy in the moment vibe. "Whatcha Doin' Girl" is probably better than anything on that second Horrors record when you get down to it and that’s pretty hard to top. This single pounds through five tunes, three of which have "Alrightee" in the title and are pressed on limited puke colored wax.

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