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BOOM!/White Fang- Split 7" - Hovercraft - Dead Beat Records

BOOM!/White Fang- Split 7"

$ 5.49

BOOM!/White Fang- Split 7".. BOOM!/White Fang- Split 7". Great split 7-inch between Boom! and White Fang. Both bands are very much a throw back to mid 90’s Stoner punk. BOOM! bring their breed of bratty So. Cal attitude while White Fang finishes things off right with their rock tinged anthem Rubbing Elmos that captures the spirit of Older Flaming Lips. The four tunes on Old Standard Sessions #1 were recorded in a single day by Justin Higgins at Old Standard Sound. It’s a tribute to the late Great John Peel and his Peel Sessions that came as an inspiration for this new 7” single series. 7” LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!

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