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Blown To Bits/Deathtoll- Split LP ~RARE RED WAX! - Despotic - Dead Beat Records

Blown To Bits/Deathtoll- Split LP ~RARE RED WAX!

$ 11.99

Blown To Bits/Deathtoll- Split LP.  Blown to Bits gets it started right away with some brutal crust that has just the right amount of a thick metallic edge to keep things heavy and ferocious without abandoning its hardcore/punk aesthetic. There are definitely some chunkier rhythms at times (check out the intro and the breakdown in "Mass Suicide"), but for the most part it's driving rhythms that shift from midpaced into slightly faster speeds, and burly shouting vocals. Deathtoll follows on side B with seven tracks representing their own take on this style, which is similarly metallic with some heavier undercurrents, but it's also faster and tighter, with a much crisper recording that helps them out a lot. The performances are tight as hell too, so expect barked vocal yells over straight up hardcore/punk chord progressions with that darker crust edge and a few brief moments of dissonance here and there. Each band is given a huge double-sided black and white insert all their own, with lyrics on one side and artwork on another, so there's plenty to look at here. THESE ARE ON THE LIMITED RED WAX!

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