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Bloodreds - Mister Mess 7" LIMITED TO 300 - Loud Punk - Dead Beat Records

Bloodreds - Mister Mess 7" LIMITED TO 300

$ 5.49

The Bloodreds - Mister Mess 7".  If like me, you've been asking yourself whatever happened to that classic US '77 / streetpunk sound? You know, the sound of the SWINGIN' UTTERS, WRETCHED ONES and THE BELTONES?  Well THE BLOODREDS seem to have asked themselves the same thing and churn out four killer cuts on 'Mister Mess' that hark back to the early TKO sound where there was truly some magic. Their’s clearly a big UTTERS influence here and that's always gonna grab me. This is a great debut 7" and I hope these guys pan out for a full length.  As I’m sure it will be great.  7” LIMITED TO 300 COPIES!!

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