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Bloodcocks UK- Do The Bloodcock 7" - Wood Shampoo - Dead Beat Records

Bloodcocks UK- Do The Bloodcock 7"

$ 5.99

Bloodcocks UK- Do The Bloodcock 7". Bloodcocks UK started as a joke. Stemming from a conversation between the owner of Las Vegas’ Double Down, P. Moss, and Louie "The Letch" Williams. It was the idea for a Rock N Roll band that only tours overseas, playing songs about doing Martian girls and zombie chicks with crabs. And somehow this plausible idea came to reality with the release of this single and tour that took them through every big and litlle city in Japan! Musically these songs would make Roky Erickson proud and force Lux Interior to roll over in his grave. Just gritty, raw fuzzed out Rock N Roll that rips. 7” LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!

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