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Blood Pressure- S/T 7” ~EX GOVERNMENT WARNING! - Even Worse - Dead Beat Records

Blood Pressure- S/T 7” ~EX GOVERNMENT WARNING!

$ 6.49
Blood Pressure- S/T 7”.  Debut 7" from this new Pittsburgh band featuring Eric from Government Warning on guitar and Ed from Brain Handle on vocals along with members of EEL and NO TIME. If you know and love those bands you'll be pleased to hear that this pretty much sounds like Government Warning's fast songs with Ed's trademark vocal stylings on top. It's perhaps a little bit less USHC and more early Totalitíar style in the riffing, but this is still raging, intricate, balls to the walls punk. These 6 songs have a certain demented vibe that can only come from a place like Pittsburgh. Highly recommended.

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