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Blank- The Race 10" ~JAWBREAKER! - Reptilian - Dead Beat Records

Blank- The Race 10" ~JAWBREAKER!

$ 11.49

Blank- The Race 10".  Blank is back with another winner. ‘The Race’ picks up where ‘The Tab Street Affair’ left off, crunching and cruising its way through six new songs. This new 10” proves that the guys in Blank have no intention of abandoning their punk rock roots. The record also shows a continuing maturation in their songwriting prowess. "Don't Get Me Started," and "How Could You Turn Me Into You" have the raw urgency of a first effort, but with the hooks hung in all the right places. The choruses of both these songs stay with you for days. You can hear a lot of Jawbreaker influences but these Baltimore, Maryland natives go beyond being pigeonholed in the sea of overrated bands throwing in metal-like guitar riffs and cross-vocal screaming/singing that makes this 10” nothing less than perfect.

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