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Black Mamba Beat - S/T LP - Jeektune - Dead Beat Records

Black Mamba Beat - S/T LP

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Black Mamba Beat - S/T LP. 12 track debut vinyl LP from London's Black Mamba Beat.  Righteous Minutemen inspired acid punk that goes the distance!  Features members of Black Time and Wake Up Dead.  Black Mamba Beat is totally killer UK-DIY-ish shuffling stuff, perhaps the offspring of some C86 band and  Gang Of Four or early Yummy Fur with just a dash of Medway garage. 12 cuts with nary a bummer, standouts being "Bread And Blood" and it's hard-n-Krauty robotic rhythm and fall apart bridge, "Tighten The Circle" moody and soulful beat and chanted vox, "Indigo Skate Camp" which predates Wavves' ideas and does so with a lot more heart. Just really clever overall, the slighty nervous vocals are great compliment to the scratchy guitars and I think the bass playing is totally top notch and really elevates the band and songs to another level.   Crazy, twisted, noisy art punk that really works.  LP LIMITED TO 300 COPIES!!

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