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THE BLACKS- 'Call The Shots' 7" - Big Neck - Dead Beat Records

THE BLACKS- 'Call The Shots' 7"

$ 5.00
THE BLACKS- 'Call The Shots' 7". The Blacks really made a mark in the garage scene when they were around because not many bands were doing this type of stripped down bluesey rock n roll. And we’ll let Martin Savage sum his band up: “There was something magical about those times. For me the first time I played in a real band. I remember not being able to wait until the next rehearsal, it was like being in love! "Let It All Hang Out" was the first song I ever wrote and it's 10 years ago now. Wow! I was a totally different person back then. I still think it holds up now and there's always something desperate and cool about your first band. We were fueled by blues and punk and wanted to be a mix of the Gories, Oblivians and Guitar Wolf. Listening to it now, I really think we had our own sound though and the songs were pretty darn good!" This is an early single from the Blacks and pretty hard to find now adays. Get it while you can!!

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