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Black Math- Phantom Power LP - PERMANENT - Dead Beat Records

Black Math- Phantom Power LP

$ 11.99
Black Math- Phantom Power LP

Black Math- Phantom Power LP.  Black Math are a dark-wave band buried in tape hiss, with grinding synth, electric cello, and drum machine. The three piece lists Depeche Mode and Big Black as influences, but they're not straight up 80s.  The band will also tell you that Siouxsie and the Banshees are a big influence, but Black Math has a completely compelling, catchy, dark and mysterious sound all their own.  This album features 9 new tracks of killer dark-wave pop (with some pretty harsh sounding guitar and synth parts) as well as an amazing cover of the Anals' "Commando of Love".  LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!!

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