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Bantam Rooster- Mexican Leather 7" - Big Neck - Dead Beat Records

Bantam Rooster- Mexican Leather 7"

$ 5.99

Bantam Rooster- Mexican Leather 7”.  Bantam Rooster has been kicking out their own brand of cathartic, ear damaging rock-n-roll for some time now. Folks have tried to pigeonhole 'em, tried to stick 'em into some cozy lil' niche and the ROOSTER has always squirmed their way out in their own unique way. In short, Bantam Rooster rolls the way Bantam Rooster rolls and lucky for us Jim Diamond has knocked Tom Potter and Alonso offa their barstools and into Ghetto Recorders to capture this primo trash garage monster. The results are 2 more raging tracks of primal sophistication...BANTAM STYLE!

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