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HOLLYWOOD - 'Girl?' 7" - Big Neck - Dead Beat Records

HOLLYWOOD - 'Girl?' 7"

$ 5.00

HOLLYWOOD - 'Girl?' 7".  Their first official official propper release finds the HOLLYWOOD threesome in the midst of their "Reformatory School-era" during this last turn of the century. Played on donated school equipment and recorded on a proper ghetto-blaster, stolen from the kitchen cafeteria; these songs demonstrate how the development of ostensibly straight, white, male youth's gets stilted by forced exposure to back issues of CELEBRITY SKIN, and BAD MUSIC FOR BAD PEOPLE. The tapes were only recently discovered last fall in the bathroom stall of a truck stop off of Interstate 95. Containing two muck-ridden grooves, and a true-blue summertime this single is forged in overly caffeinated adolescent chauvinism (read: virginity + broken glasses).   Fans of degenerate punk rock like the Feelers, Piranhas, Human Eye and Carbonas will dig this one.  THIS COPY IS ON THE LIMITED EDITION PURPLE WAX!! 

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