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Big Dick- Disappointment LP - Dirt Cult - Dead Beat Records

Big Dick- Disappointment LP

$ 11.99

Big Dick- Disappointment LP.  Ottawa is once again destroying everything in sight. BIG DICK, a two-piece drum & bass outfit have a loose, rough and distinctly 90s feel. On ‘Disappointment’ they put together 15 frenetic tracks that take you through a distressing half-hour of clumsy nostalgia. You'll love it. The band is named after a Nomeansno song, so that should give you an idea of where they’re coming from. Armed with an armada of effect pedals, this album starts off catchy and hooky and than descends into full on heavy mode. On songs like 'Crawl' and 'Mariner', the duo's love for the 90s Touch&Go / AmRep noise bands like TAR, UNSANE and HAMMERHEAD really shines through. The burly and pumping basslines in 'Young love' and 'Bad dreams' even remind me of 'Release'-era COP SHOOT COP and you can hear the pounding, plodding heavyness of SHELLAC in a few songs. Ex Uranium Comeback.

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