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BETONG HYSTERIA - ‘Spontan Abort’ 7" - Hit Me! - Dead Beat Records

BETONG HYSTERIA - ‘Spontan Abort’ 7"

$ 11.00

BETONG HYSTERIA - ‘Spontan Abort’ 7". This is a  re-issue of the Betong Hysteria- ‘Spontan Abort’ 7" that was originally released on Mind Expanding Records in 1983!  Not only do you get the five songs on the original, but this one also comes with an extra track call 'Tredje Rike' from the same recording session as the original 'Spontan Abort' recordings!!

Great early 7″ from Norway's BETONG HYSTERIA (concrete hysteria)  who were supposedly one of that countries first hardcore bands. They released this 7″  back in '83 on their own label and the original is very hard to find these days.  Members went on to be in other punk/hardcore bands from Norway such as SISTE DAGERS HELLIGE and KAARE & PARTIET

The single can't be touched.  Distorto, mid-tempo songs complete with brutal, wailing guitar solos and some seriously gruff vocals make this 7″ a true classic.

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