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Barse- Negative Reaction CD - Hells Tone - Dead Beat Records

Barse- Negative Reaction CD

$ 11.00

Barse- Negative Reaction CD.  Yes! I LOVE this shit! Durham, England's Barse sound SO authentically "UK 1977" that it's scary! And I mean that in a GOOD way. These blokes have all the raw, snotty, anthemic vigor of a young Slaughter and The Dogs or a less-poppy BOYS, but they don't sound like rip-offs. They sound like the real thing. It's as if they just stepped out of a time machine. There are eighteen songs on this record, and they're all goddamn BRILLIANT. I'm talking fast, tuneful, totally-fucking-great punk rock with real limey vocals. I'm talking bratty, primitive, catchy-as-hell three-chord noise. Barse have it all: style, attitude, and great songs to boot. I could listen to this record all day. God bless BARSE!!!

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