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Bad Luck Charms- S/T LP ~DIE CUT COVERS! - Rock Star - Dead Beat Records

Bad Luck Charms- S/T LP ~DIE CUT COVERS!

$ 13.99

Bad Luck Charms- S/T LP.  Sleazy, Dirty Rock'n'Roll straight outta the smelly clubs of NYC, fronted by Kerry Martinez (U.S. BOMBS/SHATTERED FAITH) and fueled by the syringe sound of the HEARTBREAKERS, tongue in cheek wit of the STONES and all the snot of the DEAD BOYS! High caliber, trashy rock 'n' roll here with a healthy dose of Johnny Thunders with mixed tempos and powerful riffs. Vocals are also sung rather than shouted, a method that works really well with the type of music that they’re playing. Pretty impressive packaging on this one too. THE FRONT COVER IS DIE CUT, so you can see the glossy printed inner dust sleeve through the die cut window on the front cover. Kinda hard to explain, but it’s pretty fuckin cool lookin.

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