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Bad Daddies/White Fang- Split 7” ~PURPLE WAX! - Central District - Dead Beat Records

Bad Daddies/White Fang- Split 7” ~PURPLE WAX!

$ 5.49

Bad Daddies/White Fang- Split 7”. Split 7"  Bad Daddies play a smattering of short, simple, punk tunes, raw ‘n’ ADD-length. Get in, make yer point, get the fuck out. Gotta love that. The killer lady vocals give this a very 90’s BIKINI KILL/HUGGY BEAR feel to them, but with a modern Garage twist. White Fang on the flip give us two tunes. One slower and a bit artier and the second one is a bit thrashier without sounding like it’s trying to adhere to a template. THESE ARE ON THE LIMITED PURPLE WAX!


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