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Baby Ghosts- Ghost In A Vacuum 7" - Lost Cat - Dead Beat Records

Baby Ghosts- Ghost In A Vacuum 7"

$ 5.99

Baby Ghosts- Ghost In A Vacuum 7".  Baby Ghosts' previous musical efforts always came off as fun and catchy, and what better way for this Salt Lake City team to remind us of their stellar dynamic than with ‘Ghost In A Vacuum.’ This 4 song ripper is well worth the effort as it brings out their sound fully and is a great foundation for a new LP. You get the best of what they can do in under 12 minutes. "Heaven Is A Place In Space" is poppy jammer and within its catchiness there's a brilliant Punk feel brought out by the piercing guitars. It's Girlie Punk at it’s and leaving you with the band's affinity to make Punk music so appealing. "Love Me Buy Can't" rounds off this spunky four-tracker that lends credence to Baby Ghosts' reputation as a band that's ready to stay true to their style and deliver. BACK COVER SAYS THIS COVER VERSION IS LIMITED TO 20 HAND NUMBERED COPIES! 20!!??

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