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Attitude Adjustment- Dead Serious Demo '85 LP - Redrum - Dead Beat Records

Attitude Adjustment- Dead Serious Demo '85 LP

$ 13.99

Attitude Adjustment- Dead Serious Demo '85 LP. These guys meant everything to me in 1985-86 while I was living in San Francisco in the mid 80’s. Andy "Airborne" Anderson the singer worked at the local record store (the record vault on Polk street), and was enthusiastic about all aspects of underground punk. He was always telling stories, turning kids on to new fast music, etc. I saw these guys at least a half a dozen times, everywhere from the Farm, to the on Broadway, to Ruthies Inn and every time they fuckin ripped. This was another band that appealed to me because they played the perfect blend of guitar based metal and fierce in your face HC, influencing so many bands to come. This demo is so raw and pissed off, its a genuine classic. It blows the LP, that they later recorded, away. Its rumored that Lars Ulrich from Metallica recorded this demo, no idea of its a fabrication or not. Pretty hard to find and essential reissue because this demo is so damn good.

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