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Ass-End Offend- Character Assassins LP - Wantage - Dead Beat Records

Ass-End Offend- Character Assassins LP

$ 11.49

Ass-End Offend- Character Assassins LP. Ass-End Offend played music that most often gets conveniently tagged with the "hardcore" handle. Fair enough, I guess. Husker Du and Gauze were hardcore. And, similarly, the music AEO plays is a well honed machete quickly hacking its way through a jungle of indie rock mediocrity! Ass-End Offend produce entirely ambitious Montana punk rock music and do so with aplomb and gusto. While less than pleased with mankind's current state, they aren't cynics. Rather, these ambitious dudes toured like madmen, made it to Europe and then unfortunately broke up. I think they sound most like some the stuff that Ken Sanderson puts out on his awesome Prank label, or on Life is Abuse. Heavy, dark, alternately dystopian and hopeful and more musically ambitious than its peers. Compare to Caustic Christ and His Hero is Gone, and add a couple truckloads of Great Falls, Montana desolation.

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