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Ashtones/Asphalt Tuaregs- Split 10” ~RARE PINK WAX!! - Turborock - Dead Beat Records

Ashtones/Asphalt Tuaregs- Split 10” ~RARE PINK WAX!!

$ 11.49

Ashtones/Asphalt Tuaregs- Split 10”.  The ASHTONES' opening song "Teenage Hunting" is so god damn good from start to finish! The band's music stands somewhere between garage rock and ‘77 punk rock and they REALLY do justice to TURBONEGRO's "Monkey On Yer Back" on this 10".  Quite a good cover choice as The ASHTONES aren't musically far from early TURBONEGRO. Their ‘77 side can especially be heard on "Howling Degenerate" as it’s more than enjoyable.  ASPHALT TUAREGS seem to be more influenced by the Australian punk rock scene with a bit of MOTORHEAD thrown into it.  The whole mood and atmosphere brings to mind an amped up Radio Birdman with a bit of the Saints and the Lime Spiders burried in the mix.  Really good no bullshit rock n roll here from a band I’ve never heard of.  10 songs total on this burner!  10” LIMITED TO 500 COPIES AND THESE ARE ON THE LIMITED PINK VINYL EDITION!!

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