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Ape City R&B- Firestarter 7" ~OBLIVIANS! - La Ti Da - Dead Beat Records

Ape City R&B- Firestarter 7" ~OBLIVIANS!

$ 6.49

Ape City R&B- Firestarter 7". The biggest and meanest sounding Ape City R&B record yet. XL-sized recording sound benefits the band greatly. "Firestarter" is a ballsy and unkind ode to arson and girls, a brutal update of the garage-rock Estrus was putting out back in the day. Their most ferocious track to date. B-Side is more big beat and hot guitar flaring. A monster two-piece, I'd say these guys hold the Northwestern Region title belts for ass-kicking tag-team garage rock right now. Their Slovenly single was pretty great, but Ape City R&B shows us their next level shit on this release. 7” LIIMITED TO 300 COPIES!!

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