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Antiseen- Dear Abby 7” - TKO - Dead Beat Records

Antiseen- Dear Abby 7”

$ 5.49

Antiseen- Dear Abby 7”.  Ladies and Gentlemen!!! In this corner the proud and mighty ANTISEEN, King Of Punk Rock and Destruction, in that corner, four of the all time great wrestler's ever to drive a pyle. Witness Jeff Clayton and the boys put it all out on the line to pay tribute to their heroes on this platter. Weighting in ode’s to Abdullah The Butcher, Catus Jack, Sabu and Terry Funk. The clash will truly be titanic and the world will never be the same.  This is supposed to be available only from the bands or TKO Records. But I got some.  THESE ARE LIMITED 500 COPIES ON BABY BLUE WAX!!

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