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Ancient Sky - Time Is An Ocean 7" ~EX WOODS! - Karmic Swamp - Dead Beat Records

Ancient Sky - Time Is An Ocean 7" ~EX WOODS!

$ 5.99

Ancient Sky - Time Is An Ocean 7".  This single offers two new tracks that find Ancient Sky's strain of searing psychedelia burning brighter than ever. Ancient Sky, who for those who are unfamiliar with this band , contain ex-members of Meneguar, Woods, Verse En Coma, Majority Rule, Darkest Hours, Ghastly City Sleep and Little Gold. With enough past bands to know the quality of music they can create, this is their latest releasee which takes cues from heavy psychedelic rock including trippy riffs and their love for stoner vibes from the 70's. THESE ARE PRESSED ON THE BLUE VINYL WHICH WAS LIMITED TO ONLY 100 COPIES!

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