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American Culture/Boyracer- Split  7" - Emotional Response - Dead Beat Records

American Culture/Boyracer- Split 7"

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American Culture/Boyracer- Split 7".  BOYRACER have existed around the singular pop visions of Stewart Anderson. Armed with a fuzzbox and a carefree revolving door line up, (of nearly 50 members past and present!). Boyracer have been transatlantically crafting their buzzsaw assault, shaving seconds off already manic slithers of melodic adrenaline punkpop though sweaty live shows and an exhaustive completist’s nightmare discography. Noted recordings on indie-cred labels such as Sarah Records and Slumberland have cemented Boyracer’s place in global indiedom as influential stalwarts of the genre. These recordings are part of the final piece of the Boyracer jigsaw. AMERICAN CULTURE hail from Denver, CO and are the bubblegum-noisepop brainchild of Chris Adolf, (formerly of Loveletter Band and Bad Weather California). Releases to date have been cassette only and self released, this is their debut vinyl offering. Taking their cues from powerpop greats, such as The Shoes and The Records, and mixing in a little Marychain and Dinosaur, AMERICAN CULTURE’s debut is a strong and confident offering.

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