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Amebix- Redux CD - Profane Existence - Dead Beat Records

Amebix- Redux CD

$ 11.00

Amebix- Redux CD.  The crust punk/metal legends Amebix are back!!!  This is Amebix played louder, tighter and more intense than you've ever heard them before. After more than two decades of silence AMEBIX reformed in 2009 for a series of live appearances across North America and Europe. Fronted by founding members/brothers ROB MILLER on bass and lead vocals and CHRIS MILLER, they were joined by legendary punk/metal drummer ROY MAYORGA (NAUSEA, SOUL SOUR, etc.). During the rehearsal sessions, the band re-recorded updated versions of three of their favorite Amebix songs: “Arise,” “Winter” and “Chain Reaction.” These new recordings are now being released as perhaps the most powerful Amebix record to date and proof that they have only gotten better with age.  

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