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OKIE DOKIE - 'S/T' 10" - Aagod - Dead Beat Records

OKIE DOKIE - 'S/T' 10"

$ 10.50

OKIE DOKIE - 'S/T' 10".  This 14 minute blast of postpunk filth and is just about the most exciting thing I've heard recently - seriously, that good.  Hailing from California, this trio of sonic terrorists employ the services of a drum machine rather than a human to round off there punk missives, but this makes it sound somehow even more twisted, in a very good way of course.  This is what post-hardcore set out for but couldn't cut.  OKIE DOKIE are giving a tired and tested sound the kind of kick in the ass it's been waiting for - for what seems like an eternity.  File under new LA bands like Le Face, Audacity and Gestapo Khazie.  10” LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!

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