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Agathocles- Gotcha 7" - Band - Dead Beat Records

Agathocles- Gotcha 7"

$ 6.50

Agathocles- Gotcha 7".  Gotcha  is another piece of noise in the endless list of 7"s and split ep's of mincecore masters from Hellgium, Agathocles.  Tracks were recorded back in 1998 and appeared in AG/Comrades and AG/Comrades/Ravage split cd's before the band decide to take the recordings out of the shelf and self-release it. The package is nice and a cool surprise for a band that releases a few dozens of records each year: It comes in fold out cover that surrounds the black vinyl and inside you will find the lyrics, some infos about the recording and AG's biography from 1985-04.  500 PRESSED ON THIS BAD BOY!!

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