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V/A- I'd Buy That For A Dollar 7" - UFO Dictator - Dead Beat Records

V/A- I'd Buy That For A Dollar 7"

$ 6.00

 V/A- I'd Buy That For A Dollar 7". Sexy and stylish new compilation from UFO DICTATOR! The ambiguously recondite recording unit know as BLACK ORPHAN start things off. Many will know them from their newer singles on UFO Dictator and HoZac this summer, and may or may not include members of The Spits. Hmm. Music-wise, they sound like a 1982 cable access version of Robinson Crusoe On Mars horrifically tape-traded in Betamax, amongst collectors, with decayed fidelity. Their track ‘Parasitic Mind’ oozes with earie, outsider minimalism. Black Dogs, Wavves, Oh Sees fans will dig. Up next are THE MENTHOLS, a tasty little garage band from the midwest. Live they never cease to ransack the bar and slobber all over your girlfriend with their pummeling bad vibes and greasy intentions. They definately hit the mark on ‘R is for Russia’. On the flip, the LEGENDARY WINGS give us ‘20,000,000 Miles to Earth’. I think this is the debut appearance of the LEGENDARY WINGS. Good grittilly recorded garage with heavy poppy overtones. Fans of the Bad Sports, Nobunny and the Wax Museums will dig. And rounding out the B side are Spains LOS STEAKS. You might know them from their debut single on Milk N Chocolate. Their mid-fi, low-brow nugget hits hard chanelling the raw unbridled rasp of the Black Lips. A rockin, raunchy closer to this diamond in the rough. LIMITED TO 300 HAND NUMBERED COPIES ON BLACK WAX!

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