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The Novelties - Insted Of A Hug 7” WITH RARE COVER! - Ken Rock - Dead Beat Records

The Novelties - Insted Of A Hug 7” WITH RARE COVER!

$ 8.50

The Novelties - Insted Of A Hug 7”.  THIS IS THE SUPER RARE VERSION OF THIS SINGLE WIT THE BROWN AND YELLOW COVER WITH THE CHICK WITH THE RED LIPS.  IT"S LIMITED TO ONLY 100 COPIES!!! This one here is the best of the four new Swedish-style Ken Rock platters. Real head-of-the-class shit. "Instead of A Hug" actually appears to be a love song dedicated to the titular bass player of HFOS himself. Sort of a slow dark-pop kind of neo-Blondie-ish style (but without any keyboards) and the gal singing sounds like a cross between Nina Hagen and Alice Bag. The whole EP has a kind of lecherous feel with some definite weird punk/weird sex stylings. "Miniskirt" is about underage girls who don't wear panties sung by a swarthy sounding Swedish dude. Great stuff so far. The B-Side kicks off with a tune called "Bass in My Ass". No shit. As junior high as it may be, I actually find this girl singing "I've got a bass in my ass" to be fairly hilarious. The band manages to sound like the Swedish Shitbirds, or maybe even the No-Talents at this point. Then they close with "Chanel No. 5", another shadowy poppy/wave number about finding your man with another girl and scratching her eyes out.  WAY HARD TO FIND AT ONLY 100 COPIES MADE!!!

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