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V/A- 4 Old Toxic Shock 7" EP's from '82 - '84 CD - Dr Strange - Dead Beat Records

V/A- 4 Old Toxic Shock 7" EP's from '82 - '84 CD

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V/A- 4 Old Toxic Shock 7" EP's from '82 - '84 CD.  The title says it all here! If you’re a collector of early to mid 80’shardcore, I’m sure your’e familiar with these way hard to find singles.  Well here they are for the first time on CD!!  Some of the earliest (1982-1984) of the Toxic Shock Records 7"s! You get 21 songs from these long sought-after releases including the first Noise From Nowhere 7" comp with infamous "exploding pen*s" artwork by PUSHEAD, Pomona CA's PEACE CORPSE Quincy 7"EP (more gruesome PUSHEAD art), Victoria B.C.'s RED TIDE Kelp and Salal 7"EP (featuring the future drummer for D.O.A., Ken Jensen R.I.P.), and Salt Lake City's MASSACRE GUYS Behind the Eight Ball 7"EP (with future and current DECENDENTS/ALL members Karl Alvarez and Stephen Egerton). Liner notes from Bill/Toxic Shock and the CD booklet includes lots of photo's and old ads from the lost archives of Toxic Shock's Pomona years. Toxic Shock Records has been, and will always remain "The Assassin of Mediocrity."  Essential comp here folks.

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