V/A- Killed By Death #3 LP ~REISSUE!

$ 15.99
V/A- Killed By Death #3 LP ~REISSUE!
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V/A- Killed By Death #3 LP ~REISSUE!

$ 15.99

V/A- Killed By Death #3 LP.  Out of all of the Killed By Death punk compilations, this is one of the tightest efforts. It's mainly due to the fact that the bands display more technical prowess, along with a more streamlined approach to their sounds. The guitar tracks on some songs like the Queers' "I Don't Wanna Work" and on the Lewd’s “Kill Yourself” are so brutal that it feels like the band has taken a large piece of paper and made a quick incision into your brain. Add on an absolutely killer song selection and this ones a winner.

A1. The Lewd- Kill Yourself
A2. Defnics- 51 Percent
A3. 84 Flesh- Salted City
A4. The Plugz- Mindless Contentment
A5. The Eat- Doctor TV
A6. The Eat - neecappin'
A7. Shock- This Generation's On Vacation
A8. Sods- Television Sect
A9. Ambient Noise- I Was There At The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

B1. The Queers- I Don't Wanna Work
B2. The Queers- I'm Useless
B3. The Queers- At The Mall
B4. Ebenezer & The Bludgeons- Oh I Love This Weather
B5. NY Niggers- Headliner
B6. Screamin' Mee-Mees- Hot Sody
B7. Violators- NY Ripper
B8. John Berenzy Group- Vice Verses